The New York Jewish Week


Recipe for a Meaningful Life  July
The Key to Post-Passover Challah  April


Let It Rain December 
The Wondrous Silence of Cheshvan November
Life Amid the Stones September
Finding Comfort in Narrow Spaces  August 
Honored Guests at the Seder Table  March
Our Lives as a Tree February


My Kitchen, My Sons   June 2016
Operating on Faith   January 2016
A Box of Memories  September 2015
Becoming a Man in Zagreb   January 2015
A Banjo’s Soul  December 2014
The Summer of Our Discontent  July 2014
Grinding It Out on Pesach  April 2014
A Willow for All Seasons  January 2014
Leaps of Faith  November 2013
Count Your Blessings  May 2013
A Turning of the Page  January 2013
The Search for an Unleavened Life  March 2012
Among My Mother-in-Law’s Pots and Pans  January 2012
The Pesach Dishes  March 2010