2011 Blogs

Let the Frying Begin

December 2011

You might not have noticed me had you walked past my dining room table the night before Chanukah began, but there I was, obscured by rolls of wrap and ribbon. Ticking off names as I went, I tucked and taped stacks of gifts into pretty packages, all the while feeling the pressure of this season of presents. (Read More)

Grandma and Grandpa, all dressed up behind a glass plate

December 2011

For the years that our time here on earth overlapped, my Grandma Sadye lived in the Bronx. The first apartment I remember had heavily-painted kitchen cabinets that never fully closed. Grandpa’s cigar burned in an ashtray, and British hard candies gathered in cut crystal bowls that dotted each and every surface. (Read More)

Color Me Happy

December 2011

This unseasonal weather has me befuddled. First, we get a snow storm at the end of October, then a string of balmy days leading up to December. Huh? Still confused but very happy, I broke out my flip-flops this morning – I LOVE my flip-lops — and practically skipped in them to kickboxing. (Read More)

What’s On My To-Do List

November 2011

You know those really together women who work as life coaches, doing it all without breaking a sweat while cheerfully reminding the rest of us how much happier we’d be if we were just a little more like them? Well, G-d bless her, one of them has me on her get organized e-newsletter mailing list.  Each week, she sends me easy Shabbat menu planners and Excel spreadsheets to get a jumpstart on holiday preparations. (Read More)